M A I L:
Business International Corp
Our Experience with the services provided by estrategia Investimentos S.A. has been outstading in terms of professionalism and timely execution of all the work provided, issuing and delivering the instruments that we requested immediately.
Huaxia Huagxing (Beijing) Int'I Trade
It is with great pleasure that I write to acknowledge and appreciate the excellent services provided to us by your Miami Office in connection with our transactions for the issuance of SLBC and other SWIFT related activities.
Global Energy Logistics
Through this communication we want to express the timely, professional and excellent assistance that, Estrategia Investimentos S.A. has offered to our company as a support to our commercial transactions.
High Sea Sugar Inc
I have been introducced to your prestigious organization two years ago and have been a client for one year; always the service we have received was top quality.
G&C Investment Corp
First and foremost we would like to thank you for the service you provide our company. It gives us great pleasure to work your financial institution.
Coolex Enterprises, Inc
The purpose of this letter is to express our appreciation and sincere gratitude to Estrategia Investimentos S.A. for the first class banking services you have provided to our organization on our commodity trade transactions.
International Alliance Resources, LLC
This letter is written in appreciation of the services that have been provided by you and Estrategia Investimentos S.A. You and your officers have always received our visits and calls promptly and with professionalism.
Lunes Martes Fund LLC
We have found Estrategia Investimentos S.A. and its Directors to be resourceful, honest, forthright and of the highest integrity. To date, it has always been a pleasure to meet with Estrategia Investimentos S.A. as the reception is always friendly and personable.
Gran Panama Inn SA
We want to thank to you the wide Banking Network that there is in Estrategia Investimentos SA, very useful to send financial documents.
Paul J. Albrecht
Personally thank you the structure for the best business strategy that you provided me, the best suitable assessment given by Estrategia's executives, always taking care of my interests.