M A I L:
Our Expertise

Estrategia Investimentos S.A. has been an active institution since 1993, offering Small and Medium Size companies the best financial services.
EST provides start-up support in an efficient and fast manner. With a global client base and expansive banking network, our offices in Rio, Miami and Frankfurt, can reach you and take care of you, no matter where you are in world. With SWIFT, Bloomberg, Euroclear and Custodial facilities we are always ready to support our clients to meet the demands and needs of the market. With our sound asset base, no operation is too big or too small for us.

Swiftly moving into 2013, EST has created a name and position for itself while maintaining all the tenets of international banking and managing all the exposure risks as per the Basel III norms. EST has created working joint ventures with prestigious European banks and developed ongoing relations with different banks all across the world to provide adequate services to our global clients.

EST is duly registered with Banco Central de Brazil.