M A I L:
Compliance Policy


1. Policy Statement. We have adopted and enforce the provisions set forth in our Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Manual in order to prevent and detect money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal activities. If the Bank, its personnel and/or premises are inadvertently used for money laundering or other illegal activities, the Bank can be subject to potentially serious civil and/or criminal penalties. Therefore, it is imperative that every member, officer, director, partner and employee (each, an "Employee") is familiar with and complies with the policies and procedures set forth in this Compliance Manual.

This Compliance Statement is designed to assist all clients in adhering to the Bank´s policy and procedures, which, if followed diligently, are designed to protect themselves, the Bank, its Employees, its facilities and its activities from money laundering or other illegal activities.

To ensure that the Bank's policies and procedures are adhered to, the Bank has designated an Anti- Money Laundering Compliance Officer (the "Compliance Officer"). The Compliance Officer is responsible for establishing and conducting Employee training programs to ensure that all appropriate Employees are aware of the applicable anti- money laundering laws and regulations, the Bank's anti- money laundering policies and their responsibilities with respect to these policies.